Scratch Press Release


April 7, 2018 – May 12, 2019

noun: a slight injury, mar, or mark, usually thin and shallow, caused by scratching: a rough mark made by a pen, pencil, etc.; scrawl.

ATELIER NEWPORT will host an inaugural exhibition entitled Scratch, also marking our third anniversary. SCRATCH, highlighting a group exhibition by twelve gallery artists, Daniel Anselmi, Jason Chase, Lucio Chiurulla, Mary Dondero, Amanda Fenlon, Duncan Laurie, Gayle Mandle, Michele Thrane, Rose Umerlik, and Roseanne Williams will open April 5th and run through May 12th, 2019. SCRATCH, attempts to explore early mark making with different mediums; scratching, and marring with the use of sharp implement or pointed object, scoring a surface or removing something by pulling away to leave what is revealed. Mary Dondero’s use of throwing a screwdriver to mar the surface of aluminum, or Lucio Chiurulla chisel and mallets on a block of marble, these artist’s reveal a surface not otherwise seen.

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Atelier [ah-tel-YEH] from French ateliér: a workshop or studio used by an artist, artisan or designer. ATELIER NEWPORT has created a sanctuary and oasis for an eclectic mix of emerging and mid-career artists from around the globe; each of whom have a deep connection to Newport.

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